Cod: YW09IG1.

Airgill All-Day Glove

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Airgill All-Day Glove

Cod: YW09IG1.

Airgill All-Day Glove

50.00 Lei

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Powered by ViralOff® Polygiene Technology.

Made from 100% certified recycled materials.


Gym: full hand workout glove (unlike standard fingerless gloves)

Public transport: great for trains, planes, and shared bikes/ scooters

Grocery stores: perfect for shopping carts and grocery baskets

ViralOff® Polygiene Technology

Reduce germs and bacteria by 99% in less than 2 hours. ViralOff® has been tested against Influenza A, Bird Flu, Norovirus, and Coronavirus (SARS)- shown by Test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2).

ViralOff® also stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so your gloves will stay smelling fresh after each use!

Reusable & Sustainable

Every part of this glove is made from recycled materials. ViralOff® is made from recycled silver, the fabric and labels are made from GRS-Certified recycled polyester, our packaging is printed on FSC-Certified recycled paper, and your gloves will be shipped to you in a biodegradable polybag made from 100% post-consumer recycled LDPE.


Conductive fingertips on thumb and index finger allow you to access mobile devices, ATMs, and self-checkout screens without compromising protection. Moisture-wicking fabric is cooling and comfortable on the skin.

Wear more, wash less®. The gloves only need to be washed every 10+ uses. For the average person who wears the gloves a few times a week (ie. on the train or to the store), the gloves only need to be washed every 1-2 weeks. For those that plan to wear the gloves for 8+ hours/day (ie. security guards or delivery workers), the gloves may need to be washed more often.

ViralOff® lasts 30+ washes, so we recommend hand washing or machine wash on cold (delicates). 

ViralOff® is not intended to prevent disease, it is used for the protection of the treated product. This product is not a substitute for proper hygiene, so please keep washing your hands!

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